Take the guesswork out of account management with ActivityMap

BeeCastle provides MSPs the insights & measurement required to be more proactive with clients

"The insight that BeeCastle provides is worth gold… To be able to see at the click of button who we’ve been in contact with recently, and those we might have missed, and then to be able to track metrics and trends over time – helps ensure that we keep our clients front of mind at all times"

Meetings, Emails and Call Sync

Every email and meeting with customers automatically synced

  • All your teams' emails and meetings through Microsoft 365 and Outlook are automatically logged against each client

  • All calls made through Teams Calling are synced

  • This provides visibility of team performance and the up-to-date status of your engagement without manually logging anything.

Team Activity Dashboard

Team Activity Leaderboards and Indicators

  • Get real time and accurate team and individual rep dashboards around account management and sales activity

  • Have data driven conversations in your sales meetings and 1-1s

  • Use the data to understand if your team is spending their time with the right clients

Customer Engagement Dashboards

Dashboards to know if you are under or over servicing any client

  • Using real-time data, understand what accounts have had no or little engagement

  • Split by territory so your account managers can ensure they are meeting expectations

  • Helps you account managers plan their proactive meetings ensuring no account if left behind

Customer Tiering

Automatically tier your customers and measure engagement

  • BeeCastle automatically segments your customers into Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers based on industry standard rules

  • You can then use those tiers to set engagement expectations for each tier for your account managers (e.g. monthly meetings for platinum)

  • Dashboards provide the ability to track whether the team is meeting those expectations

"Being able to see the status and health of all my relationships, knowing it's based on real-time, accurate data has changed the way I connect with customers and vendors. BeeCastle makes me more strategic about who I approach. As a result, I'm retaining previously slipping customers as well as staying top of mind for my high value clients."
John Leon
Managing Director

Setup takes 10 minutes

1. Integrate ConnectWise companies and contacts

1. Integrate ConnectWise companies and contacts

Setup your ConnectWise API integration to sync companies and contacts. In total, this will take less than 10 minutes to setup and 24 hours to sync.

2. Invite your team and sync Microsoft 365

2. Invite your team and sync Microsoft 365

Invite your account managers and BDM's so they can sync their Microsoft 365 accounts. BeeCastle will analyse 6 months of email, call and calendar history.

3. Jump into your dashboards

3. Jump into your insights & dashboards

Once the ConnectWise Integration is complete, you will have a complete 6 month picture of engagement, team activity and your customer tiering so you can start using customer engagement as a KPI.

Better data equals better account management

BeeCastle ActivityMap comes with a 14 day trial where we will:

  • Understand your engagement goals and outcomes for the POC

  • Import and sync your ConnectWise companies and contacts

  • Sync your Microsoft 365 accounts to provide immediate insights on your relationships from the past 6 months

  • A dedicated account manager for your feedback and a customised set up

Frequently Asked Questions

BeeCastle wants to automate the process of recording activities.

To do this, we automatically analyse every email, calendar event and teams call directly from Microsoft 365 and match it against the email and phone address of your ConnectWise contacts. If a contact is part of the interaction, it is recorded and visible in the platform.

We do not sync manual ConnectWise activities as we want the calendar, email and Teams Calling to be the original real source of truth.

BeeCastle can automatically track any call made through Microsoft Teams Calling, no matter what VOIP/Direct Routing provider you have. For more information on how the Teams Calling integration works view this article.

If your team use corporate mobile plans, we do provide a bill upload functionality where we can do a monthly import of your billing data to record mobile phone calls.

To keep it simple, BeeCastle allocates a companies tier based on the revenue they generate.

When BeeCastle first imports you companies from ConnectWise, we do a point-in-time allocation of tiering based on based on agreement revenue over the last 90 days.

Once ranked, we allocate:

  • Companies that contribute the top 45% of your agreement revenue are your Platinum accounts

  • Companies that contribute the next 35% of your agreement revenue are your Gold accounts

  • Companies that contribute the next 10% of your agreement revenue are your Silver accounts

  • And the remainder is set as Bronze.

For more detail on this process see this help article

When a user integrates their Microsoft 365, we do a import of 6 months of their calendar and email history.

Calls made from Teams calling do not sync any history and only record interactions from the time you integrate Teams Calling.

Yes, the platform can tell if a meeting was over Teams or just a normal in-person calendar event.

When reviewing your interaction history, you will be able to see which calendar events were held over Teams.

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