Manage your relationships directly from Microsoft Outlook

Automated relationship analytics and insights without leaving Microsoft Outlook.


Every email and meeting with customers automatically synced

All your teams' emails and meetings through Outlook and Outlook calendar are automatically logged. Get visibility of team performance and the up-to-date status of your network without manually logging anything.

Outlook Add-In

Manage and review your relationships from your inbox

View our powerful relationship dashboards and add new contacts to BeeCastle straight from an email. Stay on top of your network and use the dashboards to provide context to your emails.

Keep track of your network

Add meeting notes and get reminders within Outlook

Busy day? Send yourself automatic reminders and add notes to your meetings directly from your inbox with email reminders from BeeCastle.

Review meetings in Outlook

Build better business relationships with Outlook and BeeCastle

When you start our 14 day trial, you’ll automatically get access to:

  • Unlimited contacts and companies

  • Automatic email and meeting logging through Microsoft 365

  • All meetings and calls from Microsoft Team’s logged

  • Sophisticated relationship health scoring for every contact

  • End-of-day email to write and submit your meeting notes from your inbox

  • The Outlook Add-in to manage your contacts and view analytics from your inbox

  • Customisable reminders sent to your inbox

Outlook add-in