The relationship management platform built for Microsoft Teams

Relationship visibility and insights essential to grow your business without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Teams Dashboard

Relationship history

Automatically log every call and meeting your team has with customers

All your Teams calls and meetings with clients in BeeCastle are automatically logged. Say goodbye to the manual call report. Know exactly how long the call or meeting went for.



Collaborate around the status of your key relationships in Teams

All of our powerful relationship dashboards are can be setup as tabs in Teams. As a team, use the dashboards before your weekly sales and client review sessions to identify who your should be reaching out to and what clients are at risk.

Teams dashboard

Dig deeper

Dig deeper to understand the status and history of each relationship in Teams

Have a meeting coming up with a client? Jump onto the BeeCastle for Teams app and see who's been speaking to whom, any recent notes or even news about the organisation. Feel confident you know the context.

We use BeeCastle because it works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. The automation of call logging and the ability to simply collaborate around the relationship data without leaving teams is gold.
Pascal Heider
Rix AG

Build better business relationships with Teams and BeeCastle

When you start our 14 day trial, you’ll automatically get access to:

  • Unlimited contacts and companies

  • Email and Meeting logging through Microsoft 365

  • Teams Calling logging

  • Sophisticated relationship health scoring for every contact

  • Analytics and dashboards within Teams Tabs

  • Dig deeper into company and contact dashboards in Teams

  • Use alongside our Outlook Add-In to manage your contact lists