Discover your product opportunity with BeeCastle Whitespace

BeeCastle WhiteSpace is the latest way MSPs are creating a structured sales strategy using data straight out of ConnectWise.

It's time to upgrade the excel spreadsheet and start using real data in real-time, straight from ConnectWise.


10 minute setup with ConnectWise (for real!)

Setup your integration with ConnectWise in under 10 minutes and you can get insights into all of the above instantly.

Our API integration with ConnectWise allows us to automatically ingest the needed data to build these dashboards and give you the power to structure your inside sales strategy.

Product Penetration Reporting

Uncover your product growth opportunity

BeeCastle analyzes your solutions to give you the revenue associated with each individual product in ConnectWise. Through that we can showcase the penetration within your customer base and the opportunity with each product

  • Quickly understand how much revenue each product generates

  • Identify the penetration of product across your customer base – and the whitespace potential!

  • Build and measure campaigns on specific product groups

Product Penetration Report

WhiteSpace reporting

Detailed revenue reporting

With automatic syncing, you and your team can have an up-to-date whitespace dashboard that pulls agreement, sub-category and even product data from your ConnectWise instance.

  • Interrogate customer spend, broken down by agreements, additions and products.

  • View active, churned and even recommended solutions

  • Recognize customers who transact a high amount of revenue outside of recurring agreements.

WhiteSpace Reporting

Prospecting Tool

Bulk create opportunities back into ConnectWise

The Prospecting tool is designed to help your team easily identify sales opportunities using data. Generate a list of customers that meet your ideal criteria such as customers who have Microsoft 365 but don't have your "Backup" solution.

  • Help your sales team identify opportunities in their patch of customers

  • Bulk create opportunities back into ConnectWise with a single click

  • Create a targeted sales campaign rather than a "shotgun marketing" approach.

Get all of this with just 10 minutes of setup


1. Set up your API Connection

Create your free BeeCastle account and then create your ConnectWise API member. No data fiddling or mapping required.

Get free whitespace overview

2. Sync your data over 24 hours

BeeCastle syncs your agreements, additions and invoice data over the next 24 hours. Once ready, BeeCastle loads the data into the platform for you to analyze.

3. Opt into your free consultation

3. Opt into your free consultation

We offer all new signups free consultation with a BeeCastle expert. We provide best practice insights across data setup, account management processes and how to get your first win.


Discover the gold within your customer base with BeeCastle Whitespace

Stop leaving money or risk on the table and discover the gold within your customer base. Plug-in and uncover your opportunity for recurring growth in less than 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

BeeCastle is made up of three products.

ProfitTrack provides the revenue analytics required to build and measure your inside sales strategy.

WhiteSpace gives your team the tool to identify the opportunties to up-sell and cross-sell your solutions.

ClientTrack gives you and your team visibility on how engaged you are with your customers.

For the purpose of reviewing and actioning Whitespace, Profit Track includes access to the free account-wide WhiteSpace overview. This product penetration report illustrates the potential opportunity that exists for you to sell more of your stack.

We believe with this information you will be more likely to see value in implementing a proactive approach using WhiteSpace and ClientTrack, our paid products. These products have a 14 day trial available upon request.

BeeCastle does not sell your data and complies with data protection policies to ensure your information is secure. You can read our full privacy policy here.

To get ProfitTrack up and running only requires:

  1. Creation of a BeeCastle Account

  2. Setup of a ConnectWise integration

This typically takes less than 10 minutes.

Once syncing, you do not need to do anything and within 1-2 days you will have our insights automatically available to you in the platform.

For a detailed description of the ConnectWise integration, see this help article.

BeeCastle ProftTrack has a one way sync with ConnectWise to:

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Invoices

  • Products

  • Agreements

  • Setup Tables

The product does not require any permissions to write to your ConnectWise instance.

Although, if you would like to push Opportunties from BeeCastle to ConnectWise, you will need to provide 'Create' access to Opportunties.

For more detail on the API member setup see this help article.

BeeCastle ProfitTrack does not enforce any specific data setup in ConnectWise. Instead, we automatically map the way your data (e.g. Agreement Types, Product Categories) is setup to create our dashboards.

Plug it in and give it a try! If you find it isn't setup as you'd like, use our free consultation to get best practice setup tips for your product sub-categories from our BeeCastle experts.

Sync your ConnectWise to get a free view of your WhiteSpace today