In financial services, relationships are real assets

The best financial services firms have long standing and trusted relationships with clients. By carefully nurturing these relationships, these firms ensure they see the best business opportunities. BeeCastle is the best tool to help your team analyse, manage and nurture your relationships.

Automated history and analytics

Analyse and manage your client relationships

Structured data lets you decide what's your next move. BeeCastle gives you:

  • Automatic tracking of meetings, calls and emails

  • Sophisticated relationship analytics to give your team the edge

  • Team dashboards to track progress and plan reach out strategy

Dashboards and reporting

20% of your clients are often forgotten

Ignoring clients means the client can trade away or an opportunity can be lost Worse, you have wasted time and resources in the relationship equity built up to date. Yet it can only take one well-timed phone call or email to keep a client engaged and avoid them trading away.

BeeCastle provides you the insights to identify and nurture your forgotten clients.

AI Suggestions

Every great athlete has a coach

Let BeeCastle give you the right tips at the right time to keep relationships in good standing.

BeeCastle analyses all your team’s emails, meetings and logged calls to provide smart prompts that build relationship equity with your key clients.

Management reporting

Harness the latent assets in your staff

Each of your staff has their own set of relationships and network. What if these relationships could be mapped, tracked and harnessed for the combined benefit of your firm?

BeeCastle's powerful analysis allows you to get the most out of everyone’s relationships and to drive efficiencies and coordination across your firm.

Relationship Scoring

Build a recipe for success

Companies often tell us they have a recipe to grow a critical relationship. This could be a lunch, then a more formal presentation, then some form of content marketing for example.

Its different for each company, client and sector - but with BeeCastle you can build your own recipe for success and measure if you are meeting that standard. Finding your own magic formula will allow you to scale your business opportunities.

Built for the Microsoft apps you work in

Microsoft 365 sync

No more call reports

Every email, meeting and Teams call is recorded from Microsoft 365. Focus on the relationship and insights, not admin.

Teams & Outlook Apps

Manage within Outlook and Teams

Continue to work where you spend 90% of your time. Manage your contacts from Outlook. Collaborate around dashboards within Teams.

Review meetings from Outlook

Review meetings from Outlook

Easily add notes and rate meetings directly from your Outlook inbox. Share important context with your team without leaving Outlook.

Better data equals better relationships

Let’s create a free proof of concept together. Here’s how we can help:

  • Understand how you currently manage your network and what outcomes you’d like to achieve

  • Build a trial account with the data setup you need

  • Sync your Microsoft 365 accounts and automatically give you real insight to your relationships from the past 6 months

  • Feedback and tweaks for your customised set up

  • Proven reports based on improvement of customer engagement over the proof of concept time period