Advisory appointments are made outside the 'deal'

High quality advisory business is won through long standing trusted relationships, not a well-rehearsed pitch. However, too often we see an unscientific approach to nurturing relationships. BeeCastle provides your team the insights and coaching needed to build valuable relationships outside the deal.

Because of BeeCastle insights, we can be more proactive and interactive, as opposed to reactive, with our clients. The automated, accurate data and clean dashboards make it easier to visualise which clients need re-engaging and which relationships are healthy.
Pascal Haider
Rix Group

Relationship analytics and dashboards

Use data to stay top of mind and get THE call

Don't leave critical client relationships to chance - use BeeCastle to stay relevant and in contact with the right decision makers at the right time.

Our advanced analytics automatically assesses the strength of every relationship your firm has. Use our personalised dashboards to understand who you should be engaging with to keep the relationship warm.

User and team activity dashboards

Build your practice by measuring business development

Business development activities are critical but often forgotten and unrewarded. BeeCastle allows you to measure, reward and coach business development with your team.

Receive weekly and monthly reports so you can thoughtfully assign actions and accountability to your team.

AI suggestions

You know who to call, but does your team?

You are a natural at business development. However, if you want to scale your business and let others do some of the heavy lifting to grow your pipeline, your team will need a system.

BeeCastle analyses your organisations data to provide smart prompts on your next business development activity. Each manager can now clearly understand recent account activity and be accountable for what actions are needed to develop your key client, contact or referrer relationships.

Relationship scoring

Set a recipe and let science offer a helping hand

Many advisory firms tell us they have a recipe to grow a critical client relationship. This could be a quarterly lunch, regular check-ins and some content marketing.

BeeCastle lets you define your recipe for success and measure if you are meeting that standard. Set rhythms and reminders across accounts to make sure your team is on the front foot. This magic formula will grow your practice.

Built for the Microsoft apps you work in

No more call reports

No more call reports

Every email, meeting and Teams call is recorded from Microsoft 365. Focus on the relationship and insights, not admin.

Outlook & Teams

Manage within Outlook and Teams

Continue to work where you spend 90% of your time. Manage your contacts from Outlook. Collaborate around dashboards within Teams.

Review meetings from Outlook

Review meetings from Outlook

Easily add notes and rate meetings directly from your Outlook inbox. Share important context with your team without leaving Outlook.

You help businesses, we'll help you

BeeCastle helps your entire team collaborate around your most important assets, your relationships. Try for free today to:

  • Save time by eliminating call reports

  • Increase efficiency with an accurate view of team activity

  • Increase client retention by avoiding forgotten clients even when busy

  • Improve your pipeline of opportunities by increasing your client engagement across a wider group of clients

  • improve client satisfaction as BeeCastle helps your team be coordinated, accurate and thoughtful in their interactions with clients

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