Take the guesswork out of your relationships

BeeCastle helps MSPs uncover issues, offer new solutions and build better relationships with customers

Being able to see the status and health of all my relationships, knowing it's based on real-time, accurate data has changed the way I connect with customers and vendors. BeeCastle makes me more strategic about who I approach. As a result, I'm retaining previously slipping customers as well as staying top of mind for my high value clients.
John Leon
Managing Director

AI suggestions

Nurture new relationships and re-ignite dormant ones

Use AI powered prompts to ensure newly onboarded clients are feeling the love and that self sufficient customers aren’t left in the dark.

  • Who should you reach out to next?

  • Have you thanked a key referrer?

  • Are you sufficiently engaged with the decision maker in a key account?

Relationship scoring

Visualise how your team is engaged with your customers

Complete visibility into how your team is engaged with your customer base so you can identify accounts that may be slipping.

Company Dashboard and Interaction History

Management reporting and dashboards

Insights for your sales meetings so you can plan proactively

Have productive conversations with your team around customer engagement and identify at-risk accounts.

Create cross-team visibility by generating weekly user reports of emails and meetings.

Microsoft Teams Dashboard

Sales activity dashboards

Measure and coach the right sales activities

Understand your team's progress on key activity KPIs with individual and team activity dashboards.

Automatic capture of interactions means the data is accurate and real-time.

Built for Microsoft 365 and ConnectWise

Sync your ConnectWise companies & contacts

Sync your data with ConnectWise

Import and sync your ConnectWise companies and contacts into BeeCastle. Keep ConnectWise as the source of truth for customer data with updates syncing in real-time.

Outlook and Teams Add-ins

Outlook and Teams Add-ins

BeeCastle works where you work. With Outlook and Teams Add-ins you can easily update contacts and manage dashboards.

Microsoft Teams calling

Microsoft Teams calling

Automated logging of every inbound and outbound phone call from Teams to capture every customer call.

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Better data equals better relationships

Let’s create a Proof of Concept together, here’s how we’ll help:

  • Understanding your engagement goals and outcomes for the POC

  • Import and sync your ConnectWise companies and contacts

  • Sync your Microsoft 365 accounts to provide immediate insights on your relationships from the past 6 months

  • A dedicated account manager for your feedback and a customised set up

  • Custom reporting of improvements in customer engagement over POC time period