One solution, five growth levers

Explore the key modules and features that will help your team to nurture stickier customers, find more deals, and maximize profitability of the work you do.

Explore BeeCastle's growth modules and key features

Explore BeeCastle's growth modules and key features

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Relationship Keeper

Healthy relationships are the lifeblood of a service provider

Measure exactly how engaged your customers truly are, automate logging of CRM activities, and understand precisely what actions you need to take next in order to nurture, grow and retain clients.
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Whitespace Finder

Growing existing clients costs less than hunting new business.

Let the system uncover product and service gaps across your client base, and build targeted upsell & cross sell campaigns to penetrate more deeply into every single account you have.
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Opportunity Assist

A long list of open opportunities is the dream, but you don’t want to let any go stale.

Understand which deals require your attention next, save at-risk deals before it’s too late, and forecast with a pipeline that is (actually!) accurate so you can crush those monthly targets.
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Revenue Analyzer

Finance insights for sales brains, without the jargon.

Automatically tier your customers by revenue, review spending patterns, and get insights into product trends so you can steer sales efforts accordingly.
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Profit Booster

True profit used to be hard to measure, but we’ve made it simple.

See exactly where you’re making profit (and where you’re not) with a range of organizational-level, portfolio-based, and detailed customer profitability views.
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Profit Track (Freemium)

A selection of free plug-and-play insights into company level profit.

We believe everyone should have a little BeeCastle in their business, so ProfitTrack offers a few of our favorite tools FREE such as customer tiering, product whitespace and revenue growth driver insights.
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MSP Benchmarking (Freemium)

Understand how you measure against your competitors and take action.

BeeCastle’s free MSP benchmarking module allows you to measure, compare and track key metrics against others in the industry, including recurring revenue growth, number of paying customers, average customer revenue, & more.
BeeCastle Integrations

A ten minute set up with a seamless sync

BeeCastle seamlessly integrates with your key systems to analyze activities, customers and revenue, then presents clear actions for you to take in a user friendly format. Integrations take just 10 minutes to set up - you can either DIY or get assistance.

Free and premium plans to suit every MSP

Whether you’re a founder who sells, or an MSP with fully fledged sales and account management teams, there’s a BeeCastle plan to suit.


Currently complimentary
A free plan for all MSPs who need revenue insights to grow their business.

Growth Suite

From USD299/month
Premium plans for MSPs who need the full suite of features and insights to boost profits and accelerate growth
BeeCastle Integrations

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