BeeCastle gives you answers

Discover the opportunities in your data

Monitor your most critical business metrics, measure team activity and use our proven methodology for sales enablement

BeeCastle has reviewed +$5bn in sales activity and +10 million business interactions to train our recommendation engines, checklists and AI driven prompts so you can approach account management with confidence

BeeCastle automatically integrates with your Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Xero, ConnectWise Manage, Datto AutoTask, HaloPSA, and much more

Query your data. It has the answers

More and more technology companies are trusting BeeCastle to supercharge their growth

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We get a buzz out of accurate reporting

Join thousands of users across 7 countries who trust BeeCastle to accurately report on their accounts and find new whitespace opportunities to grow revenue.
“The leadership team loves it as we can now manage our team’s activity from a single dashboard… helps us focus on the right areas and drive revenue. BeeCastle has changed the way we manage our team and client engagements. It has been a total game changer. Thank you to the BeeCastle team.”
Kumaran Gopaul - Sales Manager, Turrito Networks
Kumaran Gopaul
Sales Manager, Turrito Networks (South Africa)
“BeeCastle provides us just the sort of visibility and insight that any high-performing sales organisation would love to have… the insight that BeeCastle provides is worth gold in terms of having the ability to proactively see how well and often we are engaging with our clients.”
Zoaib Nafar - Head of Security Sales
Zoaib Nafar
Head of Security Sales, The Missing Link (Australia)
“We implemented BeeCastle to provide at-a-glance visibility into opportunities, revenue and client touch points for our account managers. Both our sales and management teams love the tool as it ticks all the boxes: providing actionable insights without the complexity of traditional BI tools.”
Warrick Ward - Chief Sales Officer, Belton IT Nexus
Warrick Ward
Chief Sales Officer, Belton IT Nexus (New Zealand)

How it works:


1. Create Account

Create a free account on BeeCastle
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2. Connect your data

Connect your PSA or Xero as a source of contacts and information for BeeCastle to review
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3. Connect your M365

Connect your Microsoft 365 account (email and calendar) to automate data input

4. That's it!

Start reviewing your business metrics, grow sales and drive profitability
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Leverage the data in your stack without breaking a sweat

Have a lot of data, but not a lot of time to invest in understanding it?

BeeCastle seamlessly integrates with your key systems to analyse activities, customers and revenue, then presents clear actions for you to take in a user friendly format. Integrations take just ten minues to set up - you can either DIY or get assistance.

The account growth tools every MSP needs

BeeCastle can transform any account manager into a data-driven super-closer with these powerful tools at their fingertips:

Whitespace & prospecting

Find the gaps in your service and product penetration across all accounts

Revenue tracking dashboards

Ready-made dashboards and reporting to visualise, analyse and take action

Customer tiering

Be more intentional about how you nurture accounts through revenue contribution tiering

Automated CRM logging

Ditch manual logging. Automatically record activities from M365 and Teams into your CRM

Plans to suit every MSP

Whether you’re a founder who sells, or an MSP with fully fledged sales and account management teams: there’s a BeeCastle plan to suit your business.


USD $299/month
Perfect for smaller MSPs.
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USD $449/month
For MSPs on the rise!
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USD $699/month
For larger MSPs.
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MSPs operating at scale.
from USD $2,000/month
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Integrates with the systems you use

BeeCastle has plug-and-play integrations with the major PSA’s and collaboration tools. Real-time data synchronisation to ensure that your systems are kept up to date.

BeeCastle Integrations

We believe relationship management is science, not serendipity

Our systems, algorithms, analytics and platforms are rooted in the belief that anyone in the world can have great relationships by following key rules of engagement, with a little help from BeeCastle: read the story of how we brought people and data together to grow IT businesses: