Drive your growth with data

Actionable analytics for MSPs

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Our software gives you the tools to:

  • View your revenue trends
  • Tier your customer accounts
  • Retain your key clients
  • Grow revenue with existing clients
  • Find whitespace opportunities
  • Save time with ready made dashboards
BeeCastle runs on:

Used by leading MSPs globally


Feel like you are leaving money on the table with your existing customers?

Many MSPs do. So we developed a free product to visualise the growth you could achieve with a data driven approach to account management

BeeCastle ProfitTrack provides free out-of-the-box sales insights

Product Penetration

Product Penetration

Understand the revenue and penetration of each product in ConnectWise. Use this to identify the potential in accounts that don’t have the solution and build and measure campaigns around those solutions.

Revenue Deep Dive

Revenue Deep Dive

Analyze your revenue changes over time and deep dive into the why including measuring new aquisition, understanding why existing customer spend has increased, decreased and churned.

Customer Tiering

Customer Tiering

Automatically tier your customer based on their revenue contribution. Use this tiering to be more intentional around account management and set engagement expectations for each tier.


10 minute setup with ConnectWise (for real!)

Setup your integration with ConnectWise in under 10 minutes and you can get insights into all of the above instantly.

Our API integration with ConnectWise allows us to automatically ingest the needed data to build these dashboards and give you the power to structure your inside sales strategy.

When you've realised the opportunity to grow with ProfitTrack, upgrade to unlock the tools you and your team need to implement that data driven approach

Increase adoption of your solutions

BeeCastle WhiteSpace

Use real-time whitespace analysis dashboards to understand the products and agreements your customers have bought, what they haven’t bought and where the opportunity lies within a customer or patch of customers

  • Interrogate customer spend, broken down by agreements, additions and products.

  • View active, churned and even recommended solutions. Push the possible prospects back into ConnectWise as opportunties.

  • Recognize customers who transact a high amount of revenue outside of recurring agreements.

Whitespace for MSPs

Automated tracking of activities

BeeCastle ActivityMap

Visualize the relationships your team has with your customers so you know which clients you are spending time with and which ones are slipping through the cracks. Start being proactive when reaching out and ensure customers are not being over serviced.

  • Automatically measure email, meetings and Teams calling from Microsoft 365 with your clients

  • Track engagement for each customer tier, making sure you are meeting expectations

  • Ditch manually logging activities and start strategically planning your engagements.

BeeCastle provides us just the sort of visibility and insight that any high-performing sales organisation would love to have… the insight that BeeCastle provides is worth gold in terms having the ability to proactively see how well and often we are engaging with our clients.

Select your plan


For all ConnectWise MSPs who need revenue insights

Setup in 10 minutes or less!

Pre-built dashboards to:

  • View your Product Whitespace opportunity
  • Analyze Revenue growth trends
  • Measure growth levers through churned, new, increased spend and reduced spend
  • Automatically tier your Customers
  • Realtime sync with ConnectWise


For companies with sales and account management teams
$299 AUD monthly

Enquire for a 14 day free trial

Everything in ProfitTrack plus:

  • Up to 5 M365 synced users
  • Customer whitespace mapping for effective cross-selling
  • A prospect discovery tool that create ConnectWise opportunities
  • Pipeline management with our Open Opportunities report
  • Customer Activity Mapping with Microsoft 365
  • Team Activity Tracking
  • Customer profitability reports


For large companies with multiple teams
$399 AUD monthly

Enquire for a 14 day free trial

Everything in Starter plus:

  • Up to 10 M365 synced users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 4 hours of complementary data grooming


For large companies with unique needs

Enquire for a 14 day free trial

Everything in Growth plus:

  • Unlimited manager and users accounts

Resources for MSP's


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Read our e-book on implementing proactive account management

This e-book is a comprehensive guide on how the best MSPs implement a structured approach to account management.

Purpose built for MSPs

BeeCastle is an out-of-the-box solution to elevate MSPs in their sales and account management practice. If you are interested in partnering with us to grow your existing accounts, sign up for our proof of concept today.