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BeeCastle exists for one reason: to empower MSPs to harness better client relationships. To nurture them, to grow them, and ultimately, to benefit from strong consistent relationships.
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“Relationship management is science, not serendipity”

— David Wood, Founder of BeeCastle

We know that high-quality data facilitates high-quality decision making and collaboration. So what happens if we apply that to relationship management? Customer engagement, penetration and retention ALL improve.

Time and experience have proven that high-quality data facilitates high-quality decision making and collaboration. 

We merge the best-of-the-best in data analytics, together with real-world relationship management experience.

The result? Where MSPs used to just ‘wing it’, BeeCastle provides rigor and intelligence to guide account management activities. We’ve seen that when the best relationship managers approach their network in a scientific manner, and innately understand it, they unlock more opportunities.

BeeCastle strives to help people understand and leverage the data already at their finger tips to deepen — not replace — their human relationships.

“The BeeCastle story”

We have been thinking about, listening intently and building BeeCastle for over 4 years. Here are a few highlights of our journey. And it’s just the beginning!

Meet the team

The BeeHive is an incubator of ideas led by a mix of technologists, data analysts, and customer relationship evangelists. Here are the incredibly talented crew, located across the globe but as close as ever:
David Wood Profile Image
David Wood


Hamish Rickerby Profile Image
Hamish Rickerby

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Campion Profile Image
Matt Campion

Head of Product & GTM

Daniel Haggard Profile Image
Daniel Haggard

Lead Frontend Developer

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Jessica Turnbull

Customer Success Manager

Angus Powell Profile Image
Angus Powell

Sales Development Representative

Matthew Thomas Profile Image
Matthew Thomas

Sales Development Representative

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Sir Busby