Discover how deepening client relationships can drive your MSP’s success

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Elevate your client engagement with BeeCastle’s relationship equity strategies.


Do you know the true strength of your client relationships?


In the competitive MSP landscape, relationship equity (RE) is the cornerstone of sustainable business growth.


There are four fundamental aspects to understanding and building relationship equity. BeeCastle provides you with the tools to succeed in all of them.

  • Customer value: Knowing the value of a customer to your business is essential for prioritising engagement activity. Our profitability dashboards make understanding customer value easy.
  • Value to your customers: It's also crucial to maximise the value you provide to your customers by knowing what products your customers use, and what products they SHOULD be using. Spot the gaps in a customer's stack with our whitespace and prospecting dashboards.
  • Relationship health: You now know the customers with whom you should be engaging, and the value you can offer them. BeeCastle goes further by showing you the health of these relationships so you can prioritise engagement with the most neglected.
  • Accountability: Knowledge isn't enough without action—monitor your team's follow-through with our engagement dashboards

The automated, accurate data and clean dashboards make it easier to visualise which clients need re-engaging and which relationships are healthy,” says Pascal, “we can then refocus our time to prioritise meaningful interactions with our most valuable clients. - Pascal Haider, Chief Executive Officer at RIX Group

Our team is here to help you learn more about these strategies and how BeeCastle helps you succeed in all of them. Book a meeting with us today and we can show you how to do it step by step!

Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing your success in transforming every client interaction into a relationship-building opportunity.



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BeeCastle is a Platinum sponsor of ConnectWise's Evolve program in APAC, a Silver Sponsor of IT Nation and a Silver Sponsor of DattoCon APAC.


What is BeeCastle?

BeeCastle is a secure cloud-based data analytics software platform designed specifically for Managed Service Providers that operates in 7 countries and supports integrations with M365, ConnectWise, AutoTask, Xero and HaloPSA.