Product Update: Product Revenue Performance and more

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You asked, we answered! Three highly requested features have recently been released for BeeCastle ProfitTrack. Have a look and give them a go:

Product Revenue History

Understand how your revenue has changed over time for each product or solution you sell using our new ‘Product History Dashboard’. With this view you can:

  • See the high level sub-category performance and then deep-dive into a specific product.
  • Toggle between agreement and non-agreement views to understand how your recurring product revenue is performing
  • Like every other ProfitTrack view, slice and dice the data to show a specific set of accounts like tiers or a specific account managers patch

ConnectWise Product Revenue History

Yearly, quarterly and now MONTHLY views

We have added the ability to review monthly performance on all ProfitTrack views. Post month end, jump into BeeCastle’s Company Revenue view and select ‘monthly’ to understand what revenue movements have driven your results.

ConnectWise Monthly Revenue Dashboard

Reduce & personalise visibility of financial data

If you’re an admin, you can visit the ‘Account Visibility’ settings page to limit visibility of financial data only to accounts that are ‘assigned’ to a user.

Want to know more?

If you’re an existing customer and want to learn more about these features, setup a time here for a demo and discussion.

New to BeeCastle? If you’re interested in how feaures like these can help your business grow, click here to sign up and as part of the process you’ll review the opportunity with our expert team.