Testimonial: Zoaib Nafar from The Missing Link

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One of BeeCastle’s earliest adopters was Sydney based MSP, The Missing Link. With over 20 years’ experience and a huge variety of awards for sales and technical excellence they have helped some of Australia’s most well-known companies achieve their goals through streamlined IT and security services.

As leaders in the market, The Missing Link wanted to use today’s solutions to bring structure, visibility and measurement to their sales activities. In the past, The Missing Link found that the manual effort and time required was inefficient and began looking for a analytics product with automation.

We worked with The Missing Link to leverage the data within Microsoft 365 and ConnectWise to provide the real-time insights they were looking for.

“BeeCastle provides us just the sort of visibility and insight that any high-performing sales organisation would love to have. With a rapidly growing, geographically dispersed team, and a fast-expanding client base, for our team to have the sort of insight that BeeCastle provides is worth gold…”

BeeCastle has helped The Missing Link’s Head of Security Sales, Zoaib Nafar, gain a clear understanding of how his team is operating and uncover new opportunities to coach them.

“…having the ability to proactively see how well and often we are engaging with our clients and those we might have missed at the click of button, and then to be able to track metrics and trends over time – helps ensure that we keep our clients front of mind at all times.”

Priding themselves on exceptional service, proactive account management is what has helped The Missing Link become one of the most awarded IT companies in Australia. Bringing automated data, visibility, and structure to this process with BeeCastle dashboards means Zoaib’s team can focus on delivering their goal of helping business achieve more through IT.